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April 25th

11am - 2pm


FREE PIZZA   (or 3 bucks) 

The FIRST 10 CUSTOMERS to show up with a valid Orange Card today can walk out the door with 1 FREE PIZZA  (1 topping).  No purchase necessary.

And if you don't make it in time for a free pizza, don't worry -- everyone else with a valid Orange Card can get 1 pizza to go for only $3!  THREE BUCKS!  Yep, you read that right.

So visit CiCi's today to get a free pizza or a pizza for $3.  And if you really want to stay for the buffet and eat with a friend, don't forget that Orange Card holders do NOT pay over $20 like everyone else -- you pay only $10.97 for 2 buffets and 2 drinks.  And in case you forgot, this buffet deal is valid  

CiCi's Pizza

1945 W Palmetto St, Florence

April 25th from 11-3


The Fine Print

Please allow for at least 10 minutes for your pizza to be prepared.  Limit 1 pizza per person.

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